25, 45, 39

Maurice de Mauriac is 25 years old and on July 2 we presented our anniversary watches to close friends of the family and our Maurice de Mauriac brand. If you could not be there, this presentation is now all yours.

This watch is a watchmaking symbiosis of the power of the founder Daniel Dreifuss and the adolescent power of his sons, the Watchbros, who have taken this watch to a new level. If the Chrono Modern is one of Maurice de Mauriac’s best-selling watches, this watch with the Big Date movement will only exist 25 times. Put it on. Give it your arm as a stage and you will rejoice. Time has never been so Zurich, time has never been so Maurice de Mauriac. Time has never been so you.

Mäntig, Zischtig, Mittwuch, Dunstig, Fritig, Samschtig, Sunntig – this watch celebrates our anniversary in Scheizerdeutsch. The basis of this somewhat smaller anniversary watch is our Automatic Modern. Developed by Daniel Dreifuss, his sons, the Watchbros, have taught this watch Swiss German and made its Zurich roots visible and tangible. Whoever cares about the quality of time will find in one of only 25 of these watches a companion with whom to rejoice is a great joy. Your time has never been so Zurich as with this watch – no matter where you are in this world.

We would like to say thank you again. Thank you for letting us spend so much time with you over the years. No matter if in person or digitally, if much or little time. Every time counts and is valuable to us.

Countless thanks


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