À Maurice

Maurice the watch-whisperer invites: There aren’t many people who know the souls of things, …and even fewer can make these souls perceptible and tangible to others. Maurice can. If you also desire to belong to this chosen group, then you have to come to Maurice. “à Maurice”, from Maurice de Mauriac, is a meeting place for people who want to feel and to experience the soul of mechanical watches.

Since many watches offer the chance to look through the case back of a mechanical watch, the owners feel already very connected to their watches. But once you have opened a watch and worked on the open heart, you dig much deeper into the soul of mechanical watches. The filigree mechanics, hundreds of parts that seem to have neither weight nor space, suddenly lie open, seem extremely vulnerable, and yet are so reliable. The next level of understanding and fascination is reached by those who are allowed to work deeper into the heart of the watch. This is what you do with our “à Maurice” workshop. Dissemble a Unitas watch movement and assemble it again. And no matter how tiny they are, often barely visible to the naked eye, there must be no screw left at the very end. The time passes with an elevated pulse to the furious whirring of the reassembled movement and you stay behind in awe and fascination. Often with a new love for time.

We eagerly await to share such moments with you.

Whispered greetings from
Daniel, Leonard and Massimo Dreifuss

“à Maurice” in greater detail

à Maurice takes place in the creative surroundings of the atelier
à Maurice possesses an informal and intimate atmosphere                                                          à Maurice helps to understand what mechanical watches are made off, by letting you disassemble and then reassemble a Unitas watch movement under the eyes of our experienced watchmaker
à Maurice creates a sensory approach to mechanical watches
à Maurice shows you how to make a mechanical watch stylistically and intrinsically your own      unique timepiece
à Maurice conveys the soul of the mechanical watch
à Maurice imparts values such as beauty, quality and leisure Mindfulness, empathy and love
à Maurice is made up of Daniel Dreifuss, his sons Leonard and Massimo, and the watchmaker.
à Maurice takes between 2 and 4 hours, according to what has been agreed upon.

For families up to 6 people, à Maurice costs 1250 CHF (Swiss Francs).
Order à Maurice for family here

For employee or customer events up to 10 people, à Maurice cost 2500 CHF (Swiss Francs). Order à Maurice for business here

Please call to arrange for your individual appointment.
The events take place at the Maurice de Mauriac atelier (Tödistrasse 48, Zurich).
A different event venue is possible upon request.

Or write for an enquiry: info@mauricedemauriac.ch

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