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When Watchbros meet Musicbros

Doppelgänger is a German word used in many languages – in England, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, in China, Japan, in Russia and in Thailand. Regis and Brice Abby are the Doppelgangers, Frenchmen from Paris who are internationally active as DJs, musicians and artists. They cultivate their sameness from their names to the smallest detail of their lives.

Leonard Dreifuss, the younger of the Watchbros, who are almost doubles in the watch industry – Leonard was magically attracted to the Doppelgangers when he met them in Paris nightlife. One alone is extremely noticeable, together they are unmissable. Leonard just had the launch of the L2 GMT in mind as a creative task and immediately brought his personal fascination together with the possibility of using the doubles to perfectly stage a watch with two time zones. The doppelgangers and the bros got to know each other better a short time later, and the result – the doppelgangers both wear an L2 GMT in stainless steel with a white dial. A colossal contrast to their dark skin. So conspicuous enough not to get lost in the cultivated conspicuousness of the doubles.

It is and remains a mystery whether the doubles always wear the watches with identical settings. After all, they are in demand internationally and jump back and forth between time zones. The Watchbros, who personally maintain their social channels on Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, follow them digitally through the world, through the time zones and through their doppelganger life. They won’t copy it, they are too individual for that then – the Watchbros.

The doppelgangers are now the two faces that stand for the L2 GMT and for the entire L-series with the new white dials. Each watch in the L series becomes a whole new watch with the white dial. A must have for white watch lovers. For L-series watch lovers, a great enticement.

The Watchbros and the Musicbros are not only business partners, they are also brothers in spirit. You can be curious what else this spirit will create when the beats of music and watch become the whole new beat in the watch scene.

Doppelganger havedouble time

L2 GMT White
Ab 4,680.00$
L2 White
Ab 4,056.00$
L1 White
Ab 2,600.00$
L3 white
Ab 4,576.00$

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