A Watch to submerge: L2

Watch design at the next level : Very few people have ever had the chance to actually look at a diving watch 300 meters below the surface. And in the case of the L2, one would truly love to have the opportunity to savour it while floating weightless in the absolute silence of the deep blue depths. The design of the watch is meditative. Its clarity and aesthetic always withdraws it from any comparison at the very last moment. In fact, only one form of comparison is even possible: with the L1. According to the well-known Swiss designers Jean Robert, it stands as an icon within the world of watch design. A new aesthetic of watch design emerged with the appearance of the L1; an aesthetic that the L2 takes to the next level and allows one to dive into and with it.

The L2 stands on the shoulders of the L1.
Daniel Dreifuss and designer Fabian Schwaerzler have invested years in the creation of the L1 and L2. The material, the finish, a tenth of a millimetre here and there – every detail was the subject of a painstaking level of attention that balances the struggle for perfection with the stillness and calm necessary for the development of a fine watch. The result is a diving watch that has reached the next level of design.

An aesthetic and technology with purpose.
The aesthetic and technology of a watch never serve as their own ends. They always serve a function or purpose. Clarity and legibility, whether in the sun or in darkness, a helium valve for the equalisation of pressure, a robust mechanical watch movement that stands for the greatest level of safety when it comes to diving watches. The technology is always serving and never frivolous.

The L2 is equipped with an ETA 2824 movement in a 42mm watchcase made from the medical grade steel 316L. The L2 has a helium valve rated up to 300m. In addition to the stainless steel version, the L2 is also available with our DLC finish: a carbon-anthracite coloured surface applied by the best finishers in the world that is as hard as a diamond. Optimal visibility of the watch dial is provided by the cambered sapphire crystal, which has an anti-glare coating on both sides. The watch glows with a distinctive and intense blue tone in the dark. Altogether, the watch weighs in at ca. 85 grams and is held by a 22mm bridge. The L2 is equipped with a high-quality black NATO- strap.

A watch like a lion, a sea lion
What animal is closely associated with people and is known for its skilful ability to dive to great depths? The sea lion. The backside of the L2 is adorned with this magnificent creature, whose manoeuvrability, elegance and function attuned to life underwater stand for a diving watch blending all of these traits. Given that the lion is the symbol of Zurich, the city that has shaped the evolution of this watch, it seems only appropriate that the sea lion should be the symbol of the Maurice de Mauriac L2. A roar – both below and above water – has been sent out from Maurice de Mauriac throughout the world.

The L2 is now available in our online shop in a first edition of no more than 100 pieces in 2017.

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