A Watch for the Time In-Between Times

Between every beginning and every end there are intervals of time—and for these we offer you the Double Sixty Rattrapante

Whenever people measure something—whether directly or indirectly—time plays a role. The shorter these spans of time are, the more exhilarating it becomes to know not only the beginning and end of an event, but also the time in-between, i.e. the intervals. The distance between runners, cyclists, racing cars, mountain bikers, airplanes, your own children at play, your gap to second place or second place’s gap to you. For just such situations, there are watches that can measure intervals: rattrapante watches. Patek Philippe was the first to launch a wristwatch of this type. Today, it is our turn to launch a rattrapante—the Doublesixty.

Both the titanium case with DLC coating and the anti-reflective coating on both sides of the sapphire crystal protect and celebrate the superb Concepto 8932 movement, which was further refined for us. Because the Doublesixty can measure intervals of up to 60 seconds, we decided to give it a very sporty look—an aesthetic quite fitting to a timepiece of this pedigree. Together with a black hornback strap, the Doublesixty makes a strong statement about its wearer’s attitude toward time.

Whether measuring clouds overtaking each other in the sky, or leaves blown by the wind as they sail across the water, the beginning, the end, and all times in-between are important. If you understand this, then you understand us and the Doublesixty. Because the Doublesixty is not only about competition; it is also about grasping the connections in the world around us, that is, the multiplicity of relations between the beginning and end.

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