Atelier Maurice de Mauriac

Where there is room for time At the Maurice de Mauriac atelier:
Before one enters the Maurice de Mauriac atelier, watches are just watches. Afterwards, however, they are so much more: time-catchers, orchestrators of time, users of time and wasters of time. Maurice de Mauriac watches have a temperature, a scent, are vibrantly tactile, can be heard, are a veritable feast for the eyes and tell stories. In order for watches to become intense, sensual experiences, they need a space in which to unfold their sensuality – the Maurice de Mauriac atelier in the Tödistrasse 48 in Zurich.

The atelier is dominated by what Daniel Dreifuss refers to as “table university”. It is a special place, a space where people from all over the world, espresso, different materials, odd and unusual artefacts, devotional objects, Daniel Dreifuss, his sons, Massimo and Leonard, customers, friends, knowledge, experience, time and timepieces all come together. Here knowledge arises, is transferred, new ideas cultivated and finally where the soul of the Maurice de Mauriac brand and its watches are worked on.

Having a cosy espresso with 40,000 friends

The atmosphere is supremely relaxed. Sometimes Daniel Dreifuss sits there all alone and uses the time to let the new watches—which in a wonderful sense are bearers of time—just sink in. Sometimes words fly in all directions across the table, uttered by familiar faces. And at any given moment there are almost 40,000 customers and friends sitting in the “lecture halls of modernity” at the “table university” – omnipresent via social networks. At Maurice de Mauriac, the family responds to our digital friends and thereby brings them into the family via this contact.

Traces of watches to come

Daniel Dreifuss works in front of the wall that separates the atelier, and behind which the dimly perceptible watchmakers go about their meticulous craft. They are surrounded by aesthetic specialities, memories and inspirations, art, and even more art. Strewn among them are the watches that all originate from this atelier. One discovers traces of the watches that will first see the light of day in the years to come, for Daniel Dreifuss takes his time when it comes to his family. He gives every detail the space it needs in order for it to become the marvellous component of a new watch.

Very early on, Dreifuss understood and internalized a fundamental insight: watch straps are the stage upon which every watch presents itself and its wearer. They became his passion and constantly drive him to push the boundaries of design and quality. Leather – everything from extremely rugged to the extremely elegant – just lays around; metal, natural rubber, nylon, clasps, etc. – the choices and combinations seem endless. If something doesn’t seem suitable, then Dreifuss usually needs but a few expert selections to bring a watch and its wearer together.

Made by Zurich

Again and again, the atelier door opens, the robotic vacuum cleaners discreetly withdraw, yielding the space to friends who give the brand Maurice de Mauriac its fascinating and tremendous breadth. All of Zurich, from Sprayer over the Rapper, from street performers to bankers, from craftsmen to privateers, everyone has something to share with Dreifuss and his sons. The espresso machine buzzes and whirls, words are taken away and, of course, the occasional watch as well. What new ideas will be the next take flight from the atelier? Which watch? The Maurice de Mauriac atelier gives a great deal of space to the expectations, and yet is somehow able to surpass them time and time again – at least that is word around town.




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