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City—country—closeness:The Vallée de Joux, a secluded high valley in the Swiss Jura, is referred to as the valley of the watches and has a counterpart in Zurich: the house with the number 48 in the Tödistrasse. There one finds the atelier—the pulsating heart—of the Zurich-based watch brand Maurice de Mauriac. Sitting at the long table situated in the middle of the atelier is Daniel Dreifuss— founder, owner and patriarch of the Dreifuss family. There, at his “table university”, available to his customers, he pours over hundreds of material and manufacturing samples in search of a new detail for his watch collection.

As a former banker who worked in New York over 25 years ago, he appreciates Zurich—the New York of Switzerland—like no other. Whatever he needs in order to transform an idea into reality, he first looks around his own city, Zurich. Often he finds what he is searching for—surprisingly often. For Daniel Dreifuss and his sons, Leonard and Massimo, this focus on Zurich doesn’t represent some kind of romantic self-imposed restriction; instead, it is an expression of thanks to the city, whose cosmopolitan kind of Swissness remains an exciting source of inspiration.

This love of, life in and work with Zurich is a well-balanced process of give-and-take. It’s only when Zurich, despite its incredible potential, isn’t able to give Daniel what he needs that he then opens his search to the rest of Switzerland. Daniel and his sons, who to a large extent shape the Maurice de Mauriac brand, love to personally meet with craftsmen, artisans and service providers, to create something exceptional within a very close-knit and intimate process, and then to enjoy these accomplishments together. Yet, when the need or occasion arises, this does not stop them from looking abroad and traveling to Italy, France or other European countries if it is indispensible for realising the necessary quality. Daniel Dreifuss then matter of factly states: “City—country—closeness represents our own wish and for our brand for closeness; however, this wish never stands above our desire to find the best solution for an idea.” And if you ask his sons, it quickly becomes apparent that the next generation lives and breathes this attitude as well.

“That doesn’t mean, however, that we wouldn’t fly to Poland again on Christmas, because we happened to find a passionate craftsman best able to translate our ideas into reality.” Massimo Dreifuss, Daniel’s oldest son, could sing a song about his father’s passion for achieving the extraordinary and his constant pursuit of quality. And while they are ready to go to the extra mile, experience has shown that at any given moment the door a supplier, working just a few streets down, could be standing in the doorway with the latest developments and samples. The next moment, with the espresso steaming, we all sit at table university talking shop, and the watchmaker, sitting behind a translucent wall separating the workshop, puts into practice what was moments ago merely an inspired idea.




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