Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Maurice. I am proud to announce that as of today Maurice de Mauriac is my new official timing partner. Maurice de Mauriac is a warm family business and I consider it an honor to be part of this family.
During my adventures in the highest mountains and the deepest waters, I can rely on an L2 diver. In addition, as a Dutch Maurice, I can tell and advise you with love about this cool watches.

I am super happy with this collaboration and I look forward to experience great adventures with Maurice de Mauriac!



Annie Romein-Verschoorlaan 20 1784 NZ Den Helder
The Netherlands




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To Geneva for TimeToWatches from 28.3. to 1.4.

Your time is scarce. Then give it into appreciative hands. Spend your time with our newest watches and the familiar closeness and warmth that our family offers you. Of course, there are new, wonderful and exciting stories we want to tell you. And we’ll show you which watches contain them all.

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