At 300 meters, the sea is deep blue

The L2 deep blue bronze is the deep sea of the watch industry

The L2 deep black in bronze is the icon of a diver’s watch. The masterpiece of the Swiss designer Fabian Schwaerzler and the watch and color fetishist Daniel Dreifuss, the energy behind Mauriac de Mauriac. It took many days, weeks and months for Daniel Dreifuss to say another color for the L2. To the blue of the new dial and the new bezel. Man can recognize about 20 million colors. Daniel Dreifuss easily does the double. Suppliers love their obsession, but are sometimes a little tense in the color-matching processes. The customers of Maurice de Mauriac know exactly how to appreciate this attention to detail.

With the L2 deep blue in bronze you are truly exclusive – and to be exclusive is the true luxury of our time.

The design, which is reduced to the bare minimum, the heavy bronze with its lively surface and coloring, paired with the very deep blue of the dial and the bezel, draws the viewer into the depths. You disappear in infinite depth and you do not have to worry about it, because the clock is 300 meters waterproof. Only very few people in this world will ever reach that depth underwater. That’s why our deep blue draws the imagination into the depths of the sea, so that at least that way the clock could descend so deeply.

In reality, 300 meters of water means that the watch can easily resist the pressure of the roaring water in any water sport. And for many this is a much more realistic reason for the love of such a clock. Nobody has to hide who wears a pocket watch simply because it is extremely beautiful and radiates an attitude that says: I’m up to any situation and do not be shy. This makes men strong and makes women powerfully beautiful.

Soon, when Daniel Dreifuss has gone into color, we will offer the L2 Bronze in the colors deep red, deep green and deep brown.


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