Benoit Paire serves with us

and we hit back

When Benoit Paire serves, the tennis world holds its breath for a moment, because you don’t know what he’ll surprise you with in the next moment. From now on, Benoit Paire will be serving with us, surprising the tennis world and the watch world. With us, a guy like Paire has the chance to live it up. “He loves the break in style, just as we love it.” Says Massimo Dreifuss. If he serves for us in his typical creative style, we hit back with great creativity. This promises to be an exciting game.

After Stephan Lichtsteiner, the world-famous footballer, Benoit Paire is now shaping our image. He does not have to serve the brand and us, but play with the brand and us. Provoked otherness that divides the tennis and watch world into two camps. Those who love him and those who turn away shaking their heads. Paire knows this role as well as we do. But both also know about the particularly close bond with those who love them.

The first photo shoot suggests what connects us to Benoit Paire. “Anything that puts others off.” Smiles Leonard Dreifuss. The result is the certainty that two players meet here at eye level.
For all the fascination that unites us and Paire, it is also the generational change at Maurice de Mauriac that gives this game of eccentrics the space that must be given to a Paire and the brand. Massimo, and Leonard Dreifuss make a mark in the watch industry with Paire that no one will overlook. Love 15 for the Watchbros!

The Watchbros with their new tennis ace Benoit Paire
Benoit Paire & Teddy Paire
Benoit Paire with the legend on his wrist, Stan Smith Signature Watch
Benoit Paire & Teddy Paire

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