Bronze-Watches are alive

The person who loves life, loves bronze watches: The play of colours present in the patina is what makes the metal bronze so extremely attractive for Maurice de Mauriac watches. Bronze watches take an active role in the lives of their wearers and show their true colour. The interplay of colours moves between gold, brown, black and greenish-blue. When life changes, so too the colour. Everywhere, where the bronze watch in is touch with life, a gold shimmer radiates forth. Oh yes, bronze watches are indeed alive.

It was over 4,000 years that bronze was first commercially produced by humans. Back then, they came up with tin bronze. Because these days there are countless variations of this oldest of all human-created alloys, it took us two years to find just the right bronze alloy for our watches. And in case you are interested, our bronze is sourced from Zurich.

On top of the podium – bronze
Bronze metals have always stood for third place. Bronze watches, on the other hand, have rapidly won over the premier spot in the hearts of watch lovers. Anyone who has ever held a bronze watch in their hands is surprised by the warmth given off by the bronze. Moreover, the archaic nature of this alloy and its chromatic variability continue to impress – one constantly feels the urge to steal another glance so as not to miss any of the subtle changes.

Wealth of Style
It was bronze that first enabled people during the Bronze Age to make wealth visible and even transport that. Bronze made it possible to distinguish oneself from others. Those who wear a bronze watch nowadays demonstrate their wealth of style and set themselves apart from the rest, for everyone can see that the wearer of a bronze watch lives life to the fullest.
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