Leather Straps


L1 Swiss Design Award 19

Fabian Schwaerzler, the designer of our L-series with the watches L1, L2 and L3 takes part in the Swiss Design Award 2019. With his minimalist…



On the fifth anniversary of the debut of the L series, Maurice de Mauriac presents the L3, a slim tri-compax chronograph with a contemporary minimalist…


Atelier Maurice de Mauriac

Before one enters the Maurice de Mauriac atelier, watches are just watches. Afterwards, however, they are so much more: time-catchers, orchestrators of time, users of time and wasters of time. Maurice de Mauriac watches have a temperature, a scent, are vibrantly tactile


Spring on the wrist

Snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and tulips - it's these early bloomers that bring the first color of the year. You look around and still recognise…


25 Years Jubilee

On second july 2022 we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our family business. Where? Of course, where we conceive and create our watches. In…


brown suedestrap



Lucky Number 13

One of my Maurice de Mauriac timepieces inspired one of the most surprising birthday gifts I ever had. A couple of friends noticed my Chrono…


Lucky Number 13

Lucky 13! One of my Maurice de Mauriac timepieces inspired one of the most surprising birthday gifts I ever had. A couple of friends noticed…


The magic of the full of moon

Every second of time holds an incredible power. What happens throughout the entire world in just one second is almost incomprehensible. Watching the second hand…


Don’t tell me any tall tales about horses. But it’s a true tale!

A short story about Shell Cordovan leather. While the statement ‘everything rare is valuable’ doesn’t always hold, in the case of Shell Cordovan leather, it…


When the going get’s tough, the tough push on through

One-piece or “pass-through” watch straps—as are they are sometimes referred to—have been around for quite some time. In 1965 they were thrust into the spotlight…


Love of leather

When you come visit us at the atelier and are looking to purchase a watch, make sure that you set aside a little extra time,…


L2 White Fullsteel

From 4,576.00$


nato strap



Dogma strap


Come by!

To Geneva for TimeToWatches from 28.3. to 1.4.

Your time is scarce. Then give it into appreciative hands. Spend your time with our newest watches and the familiar closeness and warmth that our family offers you. Of course, there are new, wonderful and exciting stories we want to tell you. And we’ll show you which watches contain them all.

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