A man hears red

A man of colours, a family man, a man of watchmaking: “I can’t do more than 50 things at once”, Daniel Dreifuss apologises, and then…


grey canvas strap



MDM is in New York now

Very big business has not seldom originated in garages. Great innovations have often originated in New York. The city that is said to make it…


Spring on the wrist

Snowdrops, daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses and tulips - it's these early bloomers that bring the first color of the year. You look around and still recognise…


25 Years Jubilee

On second july 2022 we will celebrate the 25th anniversary of our family business. Where? Of course, where we conceive and create our watches. In…


Crimer becomes Timer

In 2018, Crimer won the Swiss Music Award for best talent. With "Leave me Baby" and "Fake Nails" he was an ambassador for 80s pop…


green Kevlarstrap


Come by!

To Geneva for TimeToWatches from 28.3. to 1.4.

Your time is scarce. Then give it into appreciative hands. Spend your time with our newest watches and the familiar closeness and warmth that our family offers you. Of course, there are new, wonderful and exciting stories we want to tell you. And we’ll show you which watches contain them all.

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