Crimer becomes Timer

Our new ambassador

In 2018, Crimer won the Swiss Music Award for best talent. With “Leave me Baby” and “Fake Nails” he was an ambassador for 80s pop in the charts. Now he’s an ambassador again. Ambassador of time. Of the good and beautiful times. He is an ambassador for Maurice de Mauriac’s watches. How does he becomes timer after crimer? He is part of the creative Zurich and therefore also part of the city that designs our watches – watches made by Zurich.
Where do we take photos with Crimer, who loves and wears our L2 Red Sea, a consummate diver’s watch? In a Stone quarry, of course. As illogical as that sounds, it suits Crimer. And that makes Crimer a perfect fit for us.
Like us, he loves time, reinterprets it, plays with the symbols of time, breaks with conventions. For him, songs are at the end of this creative process. With us, watches. 

Crimer auf Spotify

Photographie: Dominic Wenger

L2 Red Sea
Ab 4,857.00$
L3 sees red
Ab 5,408.00$
Ab 3,328.00$

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