Daniel against Goliath

Going into battle with the Dogma, L2 and Bronze in his sling: The parade of watch brands is nowhere larger than at Baselworld. With great anticipation and curiosity, the world looks to the watch industry, and conversely, the watch brands look out at the world with expectation. And in order to ensure that as many eager glances from both sides find each other, the watch brands put on a spectacle at Baselworld and try to attract attention to themselves as if there were no tomorrow.

When the rest of the watch industry tries to puff themselves up to several times their actual size, Daniel Dreifuss, his sons, Leonard and Massimo, and the Maurice de Mauriac team make a bold statement by making themselves small. Just like every year, they go their own way; and like every year, they recount the most exciting stories and confidently stand up to every Goliath crossing their path.

Daniel chooses his own path. He is only three walking minutes away from the trade fair. When Daniel disappears with exclusive guests into designer Fabian Schwaerzler’s atelier, Goliath has to wait outside. Inside drawings and designs are being poured over, and one has the feeling as if the sea lions are literally jumping out of sketched waves. The considerable heft of the Bronze is being gauged, and everyone is trying to come up with the best name to characterise the blue and green patina. And while Daniel certainly feels a sense of pride for each Maurice de Mauriac he has created, he nevertheless developed the Dogma: a watchstrap that conceals the watch in a leather sheath. Where others continually strive to elevate or exalt their watches, here at Maurice de Mauriac we conceal them.

As Daniel, Leonard and Massimo wander about the trade fair, they decide to make a bet. They want to see who will be asked most often about the watch concealed under the Dogma leather watchstrap. Unfortunately for Massimo and Leonard, this round goes to Daniel. Amidst all the buzz and activity of the trade fair, a television crew turns its attention away from the immense exhibition stands and zooms in on Daniel’s arm. As the anticipation builds, he opens up the Dogma, and the bronze watch makes its appearance on the red carpet at the Oscars. And the winner is…

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