The King is dead, long live the Queen!

The One and Only Mud Watch
No one could have imagined that the Land Rover Defender, considered by many to be king among the vehicles, would one day stop being built – and of all things for reasons of safety! Quite a few people who were stuck in seemingly hopeless situations owe their rescue to the Defender, its predecessors or even its earliest ancestor. This primordial creature of a vehicle looks like it could kill if it wanted to. And now…it is hard to grasp the fact that it really won’t be built anymore!

The Defender is dead!
In such a moment when automotive history, design history and an entire philosophy are faced with their impending demise, we have decided to keep its spirit alive. No, we aren’t building an off-road vehicle. Our Defender is a timepiece built in honour of the original: the one and only mud watch.

The one and only mud watch lives!
The Land Rover Defender is the purest manifestation of mechanics, size, power and an aura that seems to make anything possible. Can one replicate this with a timepiece? Yes, we can. We have combined materials that exude an archaic power with the mechanics of a watch that knows how to perform under pressure. You can feel it, hear it and see it. The language of design this watch speaks is quite fierce. And just like the Defender, the one and only mud watch shines whether in the dirt, the asphalt jungle and even at the opera.

There can only be a few!
The extremely small and enduring range of models of the Land Rover Defender served as the basis for the seemingly infinite variety of combinations enabling one to turn this car into something quite special. This same philosophy lives on in our one and only mud watch. And much like the Defender, our three models serve as platforms for you to modify and optimise, whether for the city, countryside, or out on the water.

The one and only mud strap
SUVs are often modified with additional equipment in order to optimise them for the toughest of off-road situations. The one and only mud watch can also be modified for extreme conditions. With the Dogma strap—a leather watchstrap that encloses the entire watch—you are ready for whatever the world throws at you. Where many “tough” watches give up, the one and only mud watch is just getting started, and Maurice de Mauriac’s Dogma strap is the first line of defence— the Defender!


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