72hours from Le Mans

with the Mauriac Kids

Everybody’s got 24 hours of Le Mans. This year we had 72 hours of Le Mans. The next generation Dreifuss was at the circuit and perceived the atmosphere with all their senses. Massimo, Leonard and Masha took in the scents, sounds and images of the race three times for twenty-four hours. They are the ones who will shape the Pit Stop watches in the future. What a Pit Stop watch by Maurice de Mauriac must look like cannot be learned from books or films. You can’t just learn that from your father’s stories. You have to be part of the circuit, let yourself fall into the scenery, the people and the choreography of this special race. At some point there comes the point where you feel the spirit of the race between the uniformity of the laps and the tension of every single meter, the tradition and the technical revolution. Then and only then can you make Pit Stop watches that carry all that. Le Mans has now become part of the whole Dreifuss family. The spirit lives on and will find a new home in the next Pit Stop watch.


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