A Watch for Going Deep

In the city, out in the country and at sea

In a family business, almost everything subsumed by the company. And holidays are no exception. If one of the three Dreifuss men goes on holiday, he is also assigned a few tasks. More often than not, this means that a few watches are brought along to be tested in various environments and under difficult conditions.

Leonard Dreifuss has two different versions of the L2 in his luggage – one bronze, one steel – that he wants to test on the island of Sumatra in a harsh environment. He dives deep into the cities and into the countryside – the L2 dispatches heat, humidity, hectic, and the rugged outdoor conditions with ease. The steel and bronze cases, the sapphire crystal, and the movement can handle everything thrown at it. Even if the wearer does, the L2 doesn’t break a sweat.

Then Leonard dives into the sea. In Palau Weh on Sumatra, he took both L2 with him on dives to a depth of 12 metres, repeatedly plunging them into seawater, exposing them to the heat of an underwater volcano and using them not as a fine timepiece but rather as a tool that has to function – always and everywhere.

And the L2 just keeps doing its job. Leonard sticks his arm, with the L2 on his wrist, through small openings in the rock and past sharp reefs, paying no heed to the watch just to see if the L2 could take it. It remained unscathed. Both watches not only survived, but the steel retained its shine and the bronze became more and more beautiful with each dive. At first, only a hint of colour appears on the bronze, which then becomes a turquoise blue and eventually a green, as only a bronze can.

After every dive, one’s eyes are greeted with watches that are not only beautiful, but – in the case of bronze – become even more beautiful. Memories remain of moray eels, swordfish, parrotfish, countless Nemos and huge schools of fish he swam through. Leonard Dreifuss won’t forget any of it. Such experiences are etched into the brain. And when he later wants to vividly remember this beauty, all he has to do is look down at his bronze L2. After all, the watch wasn’t just present; it shared in the experiences that not only made a lasting impression on Leonard but also interacted with the watch – the result of which perfectly captures the beauty of every moment.



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