Dogma straps – the end of exhibitionism

The beginning of real, lived appreciation for the watch: Those who break with the dogmas in the watch industry are allowed to characterise the result of their efforts “dogma”. The most recent watch strap created by Mauriac de Mauriac, the Zurich based watch brand with the most expertise when it comes to watch straps, is called “Dogma Strap”. Watch straps are the stage where the watch can celebrate its appearance. The self-portrayal in terms of a watch with a watch strap that matches the watch and wearer takes on an exhibitionist dimension. Maurice de Mauriac developed the Dogma Strap for the more introverted watch enthusiasts. It encompasses the entire watch in a precisely crafted leather case.

The Dogma Strap was inspired by the watch straps that enabled women to wearer their pocket watches on their arm—the watch dial still visible. It was a whimsical fashion experiment or flight of fancy. A further source of inspiration were the cupped leather straps of the early pilots, which were exposed to truly extreme weather conditions, as well as the protective cupped leather straps used by the military—especially the versions used in the 1960s in desert environments.
Thus, a journey was undertaken throughout all of Europe to find craftsmen capable of producing the Dogma Strap. It was in Poland that Daniel Dreifuss found the quality and craftsmanship he had been looking for to make a very expensive watch elegantly invisible.

The Appeal of the Invisible
The Dreifuss family tested out the Dogma Strap themselves. The experience was quite intense: “The watch is invisible. Yet, when someone asked what kind of watch someone would wear with this level of protection, and then the Dogma Strap was opened with just one seamless movement to reveal what lie beneath, the appearance that couldn’t be any greater”, Daniel Dreifuss reported. Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss are both in agreement: “The Dogma Strap protects against fleeting glances and brings true watch enthusiasts closer together than other watch straps can.”

The Protection of the Invisible
Of course, the Dogma Strap is also dogmatic in its protection of Maurice de Mauriac watches. It offers both an immaterial and material protection for your valuable watches in a unique fashion. It means that you don’t have to leave your favourite watch at home when things get a little rougher while out in nature, while going about one’s hobbies or even in everyday life.


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