Everyone wants to get out into the green!

You can now have the green with the L2 deep green bronze everywhere

If you love the green, you want to have the green and the green always around you. Also in the city. In the car, in the office, in bed, during sports, in the water. Okay, in the water, few people want it green. But even there, you do not have to give up the beloved green with the L2 deep green bronze.

The L2 is an iconographic diving watch, a masterpiece of cooperation between the Swiss designer Fabian Schwaerzler and Maurice de Mauriac. In the deep green version she brings the green to life, in which we love to breathe, and stands for nature and freedom.

The color designer Daniel Dreifuss knows at least twice as many greens as any normal person. And that’s the way it is with all the colors, because he not only sees them, he also feels them. And by the time he had seen and felt the green that made him feel green, after which we all see each other, several months have passed. The suppliers already know this and are eager to learn how long it will take this time until the right color is found. In the color green they were hopeful, because green is also the color of hope.

The L2 has become deep green. Unmistakable. Together with the bronze, which looks more natural than any other metal from which watches are made, one would like to breathe deeply when looking at the watch. It is like an open window through which nature allows all its freshness to flow. And at any time and everywhere.

Men are given a touch of freedom and adventure, women experience a freshness and naturalness that only a L2 deep green bronze can give. Those who love the green, who want to preserve freedom and freshness for themselves, always and everywhere, can not wait too long.

Freedom and freshness end with the L2 deep green bronze in the water only beyond 300 meters depth. This may be too much adventure and freshness for one or the other. This waterproofness means in real life but also that you can do every imaginable water sports, and the clock always withstands the thunderous water. Or you just look at it and take a deep breath.

L2 BronzeTHE BIG five


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