How to collect fishnets with watches

Maurice de Mauriac and Sea Shepherd partner up with the L2 Red Sea

Whoever does business worldwide, no matter the size has a worldwide responsibility. That sounds big, somehow too big, but it corresponds to our values. What we do in Zurich as a brand “made by Zurich”, helping and supporting, we are now expanding.

Opportunities! We support our ambassador for the L2, Zoe Moore, who actively cares about what she loves so much, her diving waters – the oceans. She put us in touch with Sea Shepherd and after a deep discussion, we found a solution to help found: Collecting nets through watches.

Recognise! Masses of nets end up in the world’s oceans, threatening marine life in intolerable ways. We are all familiar with the images of dead giant turtles caught in nets to the point of immobility and dying. Countless sea creatures are in a similar situation.

Act! Every L2 Red Sea now pulls well over 100 metres old nets from the world’s oceans. Because this is possible with approximately CHF 500, the 10% of each L2 Red Sea that we directly forward to Sea Shepherd for this purpose. When all 42 watches have been sold, we will have pulled over 5 kilometres of old nets from the seas altogether. That’s not all the nets. But if everyone did that with every single watch, ..

Zoe Moore was amazed at what we can all do together.

Thank you Zoe, for this great idea, thank you Sea Shepherd, for this determined effort for the oceans of the world.

Now! The L2 Red Sea is attracting worldwide attention from the 14.8 onwards. Because it is a very special L2 and because it can collect nets.

Start collecting!

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L2 Red Sea
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