Love of leather

When you come visit us at the atelier and are looking to purchase a watch, make sure that you set aside a little extra time, so that you can select your personal leather watch strap. For the right watch strap, made from the right leather, in the right colour is what turns a watch into your watch. And if you happen to meet Daniel Dreifuss while stopping by, you’ll experience the love of leather in its purest form. He always has hundreds of watch straps in stock, which are produced especially for Maurice de Mauriac by a smaller manufacturer. And as if that weren’t enough, over the years Daniel has accumulated countless hides and skins from which a truly individual watch strap can be made. When it comes to enthusiasm for leather, there are no boundaries. From coarse and rough to extremely fine, at Maurice de Mauriac you will find the right watch strap for every watch and every watch wearer. The importance of the strap is often overlooked. And yet, it is the watch strap that ultimately brings both watch and wearer together and connects them in a truly wonderful sense. ….. One need say nothing more than ‘Barenia’, and Daniel falls into a trance-like state. A large French luxury label once produced horse saddles using this leather, the reputation of which is unmatched. Barenia is made from calfskin. Calves have a very fine grain pattern that gives the Barenia leather an almost velvety surface. The leather is supple, has a deep sheen, is highly durable and uniquely resistant to water. Once you’ve held a Barenia hide – specialists refer to the skins as hides – in your own hands, you’ll almost instinctively start to caress it, feel and smell it…as if all of your senses just can’t get enough of this leather. … By the time the conversation is over, there are usually umpteen watch straps laying on the table, all of which are neatly placed and stored in a special cabinet and large baskets throughout the atelier. The result is always worth the wait: an individual and distinctive connection between the watch and the watch wearer. In other words, what is meant to be will be. The love of leather is quite infectious. After this conversation with Daniel, you probably won’t be able to purchase just any watch strap and from just anywhere. Your senses have been sharpened and your taste is more refined: you’ll want to have just the right strap, the special one that connects you to your watch. And only the king of the watch straps – as those in the watch industry refer to Daniel – has what you need. If you truly love possessing something special, if you love stories, and if you would like to see Daniel Dreifuss or either of his two sons, Massimo and Leonard, fall into a state of frenetic delirium, then don’t forget to ask about the Dogma strap.


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