Love now has a watch

The L2 deep red is the incarnation of love

Everything has clocks: aviation, motorsport, tennis, feature literacy, in fact there is a clock for everything. Only for the love there was no really own clock. Now love has a clock. The L2 deep red bronze.

About an article about Daniel Dreifuss, the founder of Maurice de Mauriac, was once the headline “A man feels red!”. Where other colors only see, the color thinker and watchmaker will feel it. So it will take a few weeks for the dial manufacturer and Daniel Dreifuss to feel the right red that is worth mounting in an L2. Several attempts continued then stood the red of the L2 deep red bronze and Daniel tribrach felt deep love. Because exactly after the feeling he was looking for the color. Red, the color of love, eroticism, warmth but also danger and hell. Everything had to be in it, but in the mix that you find inspiring.

The design of the L2 was created by Fabian Schwaerzler in collaboration with Daniel Dreifuss and retreats so extremely that it is a stage for the material and the color – bronze and deep red. One would love to wear this watch, one would like to be loved to get this watch, one wants to do anything to satisfy the color deep red, so that this watch can warm the arm.

With the L2 deep red in bronze you really love yourself or others – and to be exclusive is the true luxury in love.

The depth of love for the clock or for a loved one who gets this watch can be limitless. Because the clock goes with every love depth. It is waterproof up to 300 meters. In reality, this means that the clock can really withstand the pressure of the roaring water when it comes to water contact, no matter how intense. Love yourself and the clock and the people you wear so where you want.

Soon, when Daniel Dreifuss is back in color, we will offer the L2 bronze in the colors deep green and deep brown.

L2 BronzeTHE BIG five


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