MDM is in New York now

And New York is in Züri West

Very big business has not seldom originated in garages. Great innovations have often originated in New York. The city that is said to make it everywhere, makes it there. So it stands to reason that Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss have a. MDM Garage in Zurich West. There, where Zurich feels like New York, a bit like the Bronx.

The Watchbros took over the Maurice de Mauriac family business, Zurich’s luxury watchmaker, only a year ago as the second generation. They see Zurich’s future here rather than on Bahnhofstrasse.

You see, feel and experience more stories per square meter here than in any other place in Zurich. And the Watchbros don’t have to make up these stories; they’ve simply taken what stories pour out of the brand’s headquarters on Tödistrasse every day.

If Zurich and the West End are all about being able to spend your time in a valuable way, the Watchbros Massimo and Leonard are exclusively about the beauty and value of time itself. They have the beauty for watches that others don’t have, they have the beauty for watch bands that no one else has, they have given beauty a value that no one else in the luxury watch segment has. And all of that is now available at the MDM Garage.

The MDM Garage doesn’t pander, it makes itself scarce, open only on Saturdays from 10 am to 4 pm. In addition to watches, watch straps and watch accessories, here you can find what Maurice de Mauriac has been known for in Zurich for 25 years. A very colorful, very familiar, very inspiring atmosphere, which the watchbros Massimo and Leonard live with their generation in a completely new way.

Garage Opening
Saturday, the 30.04.2022
from 12pm
Geroldsstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich

Streetfood, Big Apples, Petrolheads, Watch Aficionados, Watches, Bands and Stories

We are looking forward to you
The Watchbros
Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss


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