More Zurich is not possible

Neue Zürcher Zeitung and Maurice de Mauriac have launched Züri Date.

The Züri Date is a typical Maurice de Mauriac. It also surprises. In this case with a weekday display in Swiss German. The team of the Neue Zürcher Zeitung found this so surprising that they wanted to have the watch for themselves and their store. Not without pride, we can say: They have it.

Why do you need a watch with Swiss German weekdays? Because it just feels so great:
You wake up, enjoy the beginning of the day, feel at home and comfortable, then the look at your watch – THURSDAY. Your watch is not where you are or where you want to be – in Zurich. Okay, from the beginning…
You wake up, enjoy the beginning of the day, feel at home and comfortable, then you look at your watch – DUNNSCHTIG. Take a deep breath, smile and go… Zurich is waiting for you, Zurich loves you and you love Zurich.

Just this one, extremely emotional Zürich feeling is reason enough for this watch. If you love Zürich, you will love this watch. It is the home of Zurich weekdays, it is the home of your time. It is the home of your language.

We are pure Zurich, the NZZ stands for Zurich like no other medium and that in the whole world. If anyone can think, understand and produce this watch, it is us together AND if anyone can wear it – then you!

The Maurice de Mauriac Züri Date is available in the NZZ Shop and directly in our webshop:


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