Exotic is what we do best

With the Niva Red Legend Team to the Dakar Rally

The Rally Dakar will again be held in Saudi Arabia and for the second time, there will be a Dakar Classic. Here cars are allowed that have already driven the Rally Dakar before 2000. Mario Jacober and Sladjan Miljic have been preparing for more than a year to participate with a Lada Niva T1. Recently, they have even been officially supported by Lada and are competing as the Niva Red Legend Team.

We are sitting “in the back seat” as one of the supporting partners, riding along and helping to make this adventure possible.

The desire to be exotic has already made us row across the Atlantic, brought us records on salt lakes, made a lunar flight possible and now we will feel the Saudi Arabian sand crunching between our teeth. Mario Jacober and Sladjan Miljic took a look at the Ladas from the 80s in the museum in Russia and decided that they have more than an exotic chance in the Classic Driver today. They want to win this class. And when exotics are up to big things, we get excited. This is our time.

From the Second to. 14 January, the Niva Red Legend Team will drive their specially prepared Lada T1 through the Saudi sands. Time is not the only requirement for a victory in the Classic class. But it is an important one. To make sure that the rally time of the Lada Red Legend Team is not only on time, beautiful and successful, but also looks like it, we have created a limited special edition: The Niva Red Legend Watch!

There will be only 34 mechanical watches of this special edition worldwide. One for each year that Lada has not participated in the Rally Dakar

Be there, smell the petrol, feel the oil on your hands, the sand between your teeth and the adrenaline in your veins as we share it with you.


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