One million—two hours at a time.

Whenever people set out to accomplish something special and their values harmonise with those of Maurice de Mauriac, we do our best to support them. On 12 December 2017, four men set off to cross the Atlantic in a rowing boat in somewhere between 30 and 60 days. Attached to their wrists via NATO straps flying the colours of Zurich, the men are sporting Maurice de Mauriac’s premier diving watch—the L2.

For Laurenz Elsässer, Luca Baltensperger, Marlin Strub and Yves Schultheiss, the preparations for this amazing journey started four years ago. They met each other serving in the military; however, it was only in overcoming extreme situations together that they came to really know and appreciate one another. Now they want to put their mutual trust to the test: crossing the Atlantic by rowing boat. Raising money, training, raising money, training—alternating between the two with increasing intensity has been their rhythm during this time. Eventually, they were able to purchase the boat for 80,000 CHF. And after numerous supplementary training courses in navigation, first aid at sea, and on other important topics, not to mention more training and fundraising, they have finally put to sea. We are very excited about this adventure and are accompanying these four men not only via our watches, but also with our hearts.

The five thousand kilometres of open sea will require approximately one million paddle strokes. The stakes are high, and they are completely on their own. And even they are participating in the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, the likelihood of them seeing another boat on the open sea approaches nil.

The four adventures have a brutal rhythm: two hours sleep, two hours rowing—day in and day out. Every day they burn about 10,000 calories. The current record is within reach. If they can pull off this major feat of strength and endurance in 34 days, the record will be theirs! Yet time isn’t their only adversary. Regardless of how long the journey takes, they will have to overcome hundreds of situations in which they push up against the limits of what is humanly possible—and sometime far beyond.

We wish you guys all the best!

If you would like to follow the progress of all the boats in the race, the official website can be found here. And whenever we get exclusive pictures, we will post them here.

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