L2 Red Sea


design by Fabian Schwaerzler


Limited to just 42 pieces

Automatic Swiss movement (ETA-28.24)
stainless steel case with Diamond-like Carbon (DLC) coating | Ø 42 mm
closed back with engravings, 1 Black rubber strap + 1 Natostrap textile in black and red
Red sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
Waterproof: 300 meters

“The L2 is a diver’s watch that can withstand great pressure underwater. On land, it entices as an eye-catcher. The 316L stainless steel of the case with the diamond-like carbon coating reflects the light with sovereign hardness, the ETA 28.24-2 movement is highly reliable, the design by Fabian Schwaerzler is imbued with the values of the Bauhaus. And extraordinary, of course, is the red watch crystal, which makes the watch a minimalistic yet powerful statement piece. Typical of Maurice de Mauriac.”


Watch specifications

Special characteristic

Deep Red

The red sapphire crystal is exceptional, making the watch a statement piece that could hardly be more energetic. Typical Maurice de Mauriac.

Special characteristic

300 Meter water resistant

The L2 is a diver's watch that can withstand high water pressures. You can be sure of this at depth and at high speeds in the water. With the L2 Red Sea, you can also be sure of making deep impressions on land.

Special characteristic

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Zoe Moore wouldn't be as excited about this watch if this watch wasn't also considerate. With each watch, we strengthen Zoe's fight for the health of the waters she knows so closely and perceives so intensely as few other people. Each L2 Red Sea now pulls well over 100 metres of old fishing nets from the world's oceans. This is possible with approximately 500 CHF, the 10% of each L2 Red Sea that we donate directly to Sea Shepherd for this purpose. If all 42 watches were sold, then all together we have pulled over 5 kilometres of old nets from the oceans. That's not all the nets. But if everyone did that with every watch, ...

Special characteristic

L2 Red Sea Caseback

The watch is inspired by the woman who represents the L2 Red Sea best. Zoe Moore, the freediver, the holistic coach. With her deep connection with the ocean, the L2 Red Sea is her companion. The workmanship strength of the L2 Red Sea unfolds, mirroring the mental strength crafted to go to the depths, of the mind, body and soul. The L2 Red Sea accompanies Zoe Moore when she dives into the depths, surrendering gracefully and courageously to the forces of the water, embodying them as her teacher.

Special characteristic

Kaliber ETA 28.24-2

ETA 28.24-2 is one of the most famous Swiss watch movement.
  • TOP Execution
  • Hours, minutes, sweep second
  • Self-winding mechanism with ball bearing
  • Date in window, corrector
  • Regulator system ETACHRON and regulator corrector
  • 28.800 vibrations per hour; 4 Hz
  • 25 Jewels

Special characteristic

DLC coating

Stainless steel or titanium with a DLC-coating (Diamond-Like-Carbon) stands out via its beautiful grey / black colour. DLC makes stainless steel extremely abrasion and scratch resistant. Moreover, the layer of carbon applied in a state-of-the-art vacuum process is also highly anti-allergenic.

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