Ready for every occasion: the ties that bind

Watchstraps hold watch and wearer together:
If one believes the words of those who are able to lose themselves in mechanical timepieces, then these watches have a soul. If they have a soul, then it is likely that a mechanical watch loves the wearer in the same way the wearer loves his or her watch. It is, therefore, both for watch and wearer important to be connected in a special way – with a watch strap worthy of this connection.

Daniel Dreifuss has always shown his devotion to this emotional part of a watch. And it is because of this dedication and passion that he has been crowned the “king of watchstraps”. Not only does he treat watchstraps in a special way, he also has an extremely large selection of them in his atelier. Several smaller manufacturers produce the watchstraps for Maurice de Mauriac, the majority of which —because Daniel Dreifuss is simply crazy about this material— are made of leather. Not just any kind of leather will do: it must tell a story, exhibit a special level of workmanship, or be of superior quality. Sometimes the leather he works with possesses all three. And when it comes to the quality of the leather, where Maurice de Mauriac is just getting started is where the others are running up against their limits.

With an uncanny eye for combinations, Daniel Dreifuss’ skilled hands almost instinctively reach for the strap that brings the watch and its wearer together, thus creating an unmistakable bond between them. It is not uncommon that Daniel brings out a small piece of leather and then has it turned into a strap just for that watch and wearer.

And like no one else, Dreifuss and his sons, with a seemingly inexhaustible selection of NATO-straps at their disposal, are able to conjure up a highlight for any watch. The NATO-straps represent an incomparable colour palette that allows Dreifuss to live out his love and passion for colour and all the wonderful possible combinations. A well-chosen NATO-strap can utterly transform a watch within a matter of minutes into something completely new. Classic watches become modern, smart-looking watches become rugged, and rugged watches become even more rugged. Daniel delights in departures from the typical woven look of synthetic fibres and surprises with leather straps.

When it comes to watchstraps as well, Maurice de Mauriac again blazes new paths and sets new standards within the watch industry. The newest highlight is called “Dogma”, and it is a watchstrap that lets the watch simply disappear into finely crafted leather case. That way, the watch is protected from undeserving glances as well as sordid filth. And when one wants to find out the time or show the watch to someone, the “Dogma” sets the stage for a truly impressive appearance.


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