Stephan & Maurice (Episode 5)

"The Valley"

Mechanics among themselves
It’s not uncommon for us to bring watches to our customers’ homes. In this case, the road led us to Motorworld in “The Valley”. The question wasn’t who would bring the watch, but it was a matter of clarifying that we couldn’t all drive.

Anyone who knows the scent of a watch factory and then comes into an environment with classic cars knows that these scents have similarities. We, therefore, felt right at home. Mechanics among themselves!
Stephan Lichtsteiner took the legendary Porsche “Pink Pig” design for a spin around the Valley at the end. After all the great cars, the stories about them and the conversations about them, he was able to let out the pent-up pressure of finally being able to drive one of these cars.

The fascination of cars and watches
It is these moments of extreme emotion that allow Stephan Lichtsteiner to delve deeper and deeper into the subject of watches. Because understanding watches doesn’t just mean being able to assemble them or to know every screw. You also have to feel their souls. Would you like to feel this soul too? Then let the film inspire you.

Have a good time
Massimo and Leonard and the whole Dreifuss family


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