Stephan & Maurice (Episode 1)

"The beginning"

Stephan Lichtsteiner is already tall, Now he wants to become small

Stephan Lichtsteiner has achieved everything in football. Not only has he become big, but for many, he is also the greatest. And what does he do now? He devotes himself to the smallest things – mechanical watches. As a professional, he wants to do it absolutely right and therefore starts as a trainee. With us, you don’t just belong to the team, you become Maurice, Mauriac, and part of the family.

Stephan sits with us at our table university, gets involved, brings a lot to the table but also is expected to bring a lot more. His personal watchmaker and the Watchbros Massimo and Leonard give their all, and every now and then Daniel Dreifuss joins in and surprises us with stories that even his sons didn’t know yet

This situation is very special for everyone involved, including our customers in the atelier, who become very intimate with Stephan Lichtsteiner and our watches. What is special about it is that it feels so normal, so natural. That’s how it is with the real stars, that’s how it is with Stephan and that’s how it is with the stars of our collection. By the way, Stephan’s star is the L3 sees red. He wants to be able to assemble this watch himself at the end of his internship. And things are looking good for him and the watch. But of course, things don’t always go as planned, – but see for yourself…

We will continue to surprise you with stories from Stephan & Maurice. Here on the blog, in the atelier and of course via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Best wishes from the Dreifuss Family

Stephan Lichtsteinerwears

L3 sees red
Ab 5,616.00$

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