Stephan & Maurice (Episode 3)

You can’t choose your family. Yes you can!

Stephan Lichtsteiner, the most famous member of the Swiss football family, has chosen a new family. A watch family. Us, the Dreifuss family. Some will think, why them of all people?

That is simple.

We are not only a family, but we also live family values in a special way. In a very positive, emphatic way, without smothering ourselves in tradition, but respecting it. Stephan Lichtsteiner loves all of this, and we love that. Stephan quickly became part of the family and shares our professional home – our atelier, our Zurich.
Family is not static, even the most dazzling heads retire, others follow. This creates space for change, which Lichtsteiner plays with the Watchbros, Massimo and Leonard. Not only in table tennis but also interacting with the customers, the markets and juggling ideas.
He chose our family and we chose him. It is simple as that.

We will continue to surprise you with stories from Stephan & Maurice. Here on the blog, in the atelier and of course via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Best wishes from the Dreifuss Family


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