This watch goes deep!

L2 Red Sea

Today, when something becomes intense, emotional, when it dives into detail when something touches you profoundly, then it is deep. The new watch “L2 Red Sea” is our example. Deep in every conceivable way. 300mtr water-resistant. The red sapphire crystal touches your visual emotions, Its simplicity combined with its eccentricity of Maurice de Mauriac – Now thats deep!

The woman who represents L2 Red Sea is also deep. Zoe Moore, the freediver, the holistic coach. With her deep connection with the ocean, the L2 Red Sea is her companion. The workmanship strength of the L2 Red Sea unfolds, mirroring the mental strength crafted to go to the depths, of the mind, body and soul. The L2 Red Sea accompanies Zoe Moore when she dives into the depths, surrendering gracefully and courageously to the forces of the water, embodying them as her teacher.

With each watch, we encourage and strengthen Zoe Moore’s commitment to protecting the ocean as an intact and thriving ecosystem. We support her by donating 10% with every purchase of the „L2 Red Sea“ to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.

The Red Sea typically has 42 grams of salt per litre of water. 42 became the number we used to limit the L2 Red Sea 2021 worldwide.

Nanna Kreutzmann our underwater photographer for this series, accompanied Zoe Moore to the red sea. To capture the deep emotions of the Red Sea and the very first Red Sea L2 edition. Words can hardly express the sentiments captured. The results we let you witness and digest for yourself.

L2 Series

L2 Red Sea
Ab 5,096.00$
Ab 4,056.00$
Ab 5,096.00$

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