The magic of the full of moon

Moon phase watches – A symbol of the mechanical watch

Every second of time holds an incredible power. What happens throughout the entire world in just one second is almost incomprehensible. Watching the second hand continuously move around the dial can leave one awestruck. Now imagine what happens within the course of an entire lunar cycle: in 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes and 2.9 seconds. And it is not only about time and what happens in it, but also about the power of the moon, which has scientifically been shown, and individually felt, to affect life on earth.

All of this is found in moon phase watches – those made by Maurice de Mauriac.


Since 1980, the moon phase watch has stood within the market as a bulwark against the worldwide quartz trend. And since that time, moon phase watches have become not only the symbol for mechanical watches but also a symbol of their resurrection. It was the opportunity to wear the magic of the moon on your arm and the friendly smile that many moon phase watches displayed on the dials that marked the triumphal march of moon phase watches and mechanical watches in general.

Shortly after Maurice de Mauriac was established – a watchmaking company passionately dedicated to the mechanical watch – the first moon phase movement was installed at the atelier in Zurich in the Tödistrasse. Equipped with the ETA 7751 chronograph calibre, all Maurice de Mauriac moon phase watches additionally show the day and date. If you want the world to know that you think in longer periods of time, then go for a moon phase watch. Seeing our moon phase watches evokes images of the grandfather bequeathing his watch to his son, who in turn later passes it on to his son. Our moon phase watches are stylish and valued across generations.

Whenever a customer comes to the atelier and asks about a moon phase, one immediately senses, in addition to the magic of the mechanical movement, the magic of the moon present in the atelier and how it amplifies the sense of awe felt with a mechanical watch on the table, in their hand, or on their arm. Our moon phase watches impart their wearers and their lives a very special magic.

The magic ofthe full moon


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