The Stan ’n‘ Dan’ Project

When tennis becomes a watch and a watch becomes tennis


aniel Dreifuss (aka Dan) is an avid lover of tennis and a fan of Adidas ever since his favourite movie, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, came out. After an initial project led to a cooperation between Daniel and Run DMC (forever associated with the Adidas tracksuits they made famously), it was only a matter of time before Stan Smith’s and Daniel’s paths would cross at a tennis tournament. Daniel, of course, was wearing his Stan Smith Adidas, the tennis shoes named after him in the 1970s. A meeting soon turned into mutual respect, and the passion they both bring to their respective professions led to the idea for a tennis watch: a Swiss watch with a mechanical movement inspired by Stan’s amazing feats on the tennis court.

Within almost no time at all, several Maurice de Mauriac watches that Stan Smith liked were on a table, and it was at that very moment that Daniel, his sons and everyone else involved in the project were consumed with the realisation of the Stan Smith Signature Watch. One prototype after another was produced and compared, sometimes the variations only visible to the keenest of eyes. Stan Smith is just such a man, and he scrutinised every facet of the watch.

The most formidable challenge, however, was keeping the development of the watch a secret. Anyone who knows Daniel knows the pride he feels for his watches, and that he wants nothing more than to share his passion and creations with others on social media.

Then the day finally came when Stan and Daniel applauded the winner of a tournament with the first Stan Smith Signature Watches on their wrists. It was done. After almost two years, what was once an idea had become reality, and Stan Smith became one of our Ambassadors. In just a few months’ time, their passion for and love of watches was transformed into an agreement to produce the Stan Smith Signature Watch. The launch is scheduled for November 2019—a date everyone has been pushing to meet.

And now they are here! Since Stan Smith has won totally 100 tournaments in singles (39) and doubles (61) our watches honour this with its edition of only 100 watches per colour –  greenred and blue.

While Stan and Daniel can talk for hours about their perfect tennis watch, words don’t do justice to this watch. The watch only reveals its true personality on the wrist, which we can make possible in a number of ways. You can stop by our atelier in Zurich (where our watches are assembled), you can contact one of our Ambassadors, or you can order a Stan Smith Signature Watch to try out in the comfort of your own home. Of course, the principle ‘first come, first served’ applies.

The green Stan Smith will be available in November. The other two (blue and red) will be ready in February 2020. To ensure that you get one, you can pre-order them here:


Stan Smith wearing his Signature watch
Stan Smith with his trophies
Massimo, Stan Smith, Daniel, Donald Dell, Leonard
Stan Smith
Miguel Seabra, Leonard, Stan Smith, Daniel

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