The watch of the elements: earth, fire, water, air

The L2 deep brown bronze is the elemental watch

The brown of the earth, the fire in which bronze becomes bronze, the water that defies that watch and the air that begins and ends life – all this is in the most elemental L2 that created Maurice de Mauriac – the L2 deep brown bronze. Thus, the L2 deep brown bronze is much more than just an iconographic dive watch. It is an elementary masterpiece of cooperation between Swiss designer Fabian Schwaerzler and Maurice de Mauriac. With the deep brown version, the wearer of the watch is closer to the elements and their power than ever before.

Everyone thought it would be easy to create a deep brown for this clock of the elements. Daniel Dreifuss proved all the opposite. Until a brown is so elemental that it is a deep brown for the L2 of the elements, it takes a few months. The suppliers know this and follow this difficult path, because they can trust that the result will be truly exceptional in the end.

An earthy brown, as one finds in some freshly plowed fields, meets here bronze, the oldest man-made metal alloy. All this needs water. The bronze is also perfect against water because the bronze protects itself and makes itself unassailable against water. These fit 300 meters waterproof. The L2 deep brown bronze also measures the time we breathe the air from the first to the last breath. A pathetic clock? Yes!

Men dominate the elements with this watch and women wear them to play with the elements. Who still loves the elemental, that which makes our world at heart, should not hesitate too long. The elemental is currently booming, people want to go back to the origin, to honesty.

The element water ends for the L2 deep brown bronze only beyond 300 meters depth. This may be too much for one or the other. This waterproofness means in real life but also that you can do every imaginable water sports, and the clock always withstands the thunderous water. Or you just look at them and feel deeply connected to the elements.

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