Time cast in bronze

Watches from the gold of the early years

When you think of bronze, you think of ship’s propellers and ship’s bells, and you think of how incredibly resistant bronze is to environmental influences. Yes, it changes luster and, in extreme cases, even color. But that is precisely what makes it so charming. In the most positive sense of the word, you can see its age and individual use. If there is a patina that is valuable, that is marveled at, then it is the patina of bronze. 

Around 4000 BC there are the first bronzes, the very first alloy created by man. The copper-tin alloy ended the Copper Age and it would be a very long time before the Iron Age replaced it. The man-made alloy was valuable because not easily available to everyone in nature. And so bronze became an expression of exclusivity and therefore of wealth. And this wealth was extremely durable and mobile. If you moved from here to there, you could take your wealth with you. That changed these early societies around the globe.

Societies have never been more mobile than they are today. It therefore makes sense not only to live this, but also to want to document it. Since we do not want to carry propellers or bells as a visible accessory in our everyday lives, watches are once again being made in bronze. We have been offering almost all of our watch models in bronze for years now. For lovers of metallic bracelets, however, the bronze watch was never an option, because there were no bronze bracelets suitable for everyday use. USED TO!

MDM, after several years of research and countless samples and patterns, finally has a bronze watch band. There is still a stainless steel part on the buckle, but it becomes completely invisible when it is closed.

The L2 Full Bronze is not just a watch, it is an impressive statement of an archaic understanding of prosperity that is equally modern. There is no alternative for it. No metal has this warmth, not even gold. No metal has changed the development of human society as much as bronze.

A full bronze watch weighs heavily because it gives character to time, because it carries a weighty narrative, because it carries the character of the wearer, because it lives intensely – and because bronze has a weight that does all this justice.


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