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Time is place: our L2 in Malaysia

Tom Uzun loves to travel, loves movies and loves our watches. The fascinating result: An L2 – his L2 – accompanied Tom on a trip to Malaysia and was able to measure time at places we could only dream of for our watches.

Tom’s connection to Maurice de Mauriac goes back quite a few years. He has been Leonard Dreifuss’s friend since childhood as well as his table tennis partner. Tom decided to turn his passion into his profession. You can marvel at his work here:

For his trip to Malaysia, Tom outfitted his L2 with one of our NATO straps to ensure that his watch stayed securely fastened to his arm while throwing himself into his work—which he literally does on a fairly regular basis. Tom has had the pleasure of taking in places like Penang, Lang Tangah Island, Kuala Lumpur, the Belum Reservation and the Cameron Highlands with his eyes, ears, heart and soul and, in so doing, has captured some of his most intense impressions on film for us to experience.

While he hasn’t tested his L2 to see if it can really go 300 metres, the watch was otherwise spared no suffering. The L2 passed them all with flying colours.

Thank you Tom Uzun for sharing with us. And thank you for letting our watch measure time in places that are so unforgettably fascinating.


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