Together back to the roots

L3 and Filmer meet at the roots

With its design, which is based on the aesthetics of the Bauhaus and thus on the roots of design, the L3 has brought a filmmaker back to the roots of his work. Today Chris Tribelhorn produces exclusively beauty and fashion films – and very successfully. So it must be an extremely great attraction to lure him away from there. The L3 is charming enough. But not loud and screaming, but very subtle and therefore much more intense and lasting.

Product films, like the one Tribelhorn made about the L3, have something extremely concentrated, because there is no atmosphere created, there is no location or anything else that distracts from the product, or that should or can additionally enhance it. This is all about the product. Focused, almost meditative. The film has only light, movement and the product. And this close, clear, almost like under the eyepiece of a microscope.

We thank Chris Tribelhorn for being seduced by the L3, because he hit this watch perfectly. This mixture of clarity, purity, objectivity and the freedom that this watch gives with the space that spreads out under the tall glass has to be understood in order to show it so perfectly.

Anyone who has ever been able to see the production of such a film knows how much work and love for the smallest things is involved. It’s very close to the process by which we create watches. Chris Tribelhorn, we and the watch have met at the roots and worked our way up to the treetop and enjoy the common path and goal – highest aesthetics.

Christian TribelhornsChoice

Ab 4,576.00$
Ab 5,616.00$
Ab 5,096.00$
Ab 2,600.00$

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