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The watchbros travel

The watchbros Massimo and Leonard Dreifuss wanted to go on vacation – but without going viral. So they went home on vacation. Not to the very near home in Zurich….

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When the Dreifuss become Mauriacs and visit Mauriac, it is a journey into the DNA of the brand Maurice de Mauriac. Then we invite ourselves to breathe culture, colours, shapes,…

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Maurice talks to…

There are great stories for and about watches. But most of the time they stay at a distance. You can see them, you read about them. But have you ever…

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The Power of saying “No”

Every grip on the oar becomes torture, every pull on the oar becomes a superhuman effort. Dominic Schaub has had this feeling for nine long days and 900 kilometres and…

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Beautiful Seasons

Pictures with happy customers and our watches from all over the world are a mirror of the 4 seasons. There is always someone who has spring, summer, autumn or winter…

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The Stan ’n‘ Dan’ Project

D aniel Dreifuss (aka Dan) is an avid lover of tennis and a fan of Adidas ever since his favourite movie, ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’, came out. After an initial project led to…

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Hoi Buenos Aires! Hola Zurich!

Our Ambassador Paco Savio lives in Buenos Aires and loves Zurich and us. What does a man do? He brings Zurich to Buenos Aires. Our Maurice de Mauriac Zurich wall…

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When Zurich goes to the Arctic

When our family goes on holiday, it is very rare to have anything to do with watches. This year Leonard Dreifuss had the task and honour to stage the launch…

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Your watch for every second

Today we would like to tell the story of Thomas Lüthi, photographer, pilot, firefighter and our customer. It touched us deeply and showed us how intense our time is, because…

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Under a red blood dial

How a unique dial in Maurice de Mauriac’s collection was inspired by an iconic U2 album – and the jersey of legendary Portuguese footballer Eusebio at the 1966 World Cup….

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A small side table for the moon, a big landing for Israel

On Friday, 22 February 2019, the earth will tremble and the sky will fill with smoke as the thunderous rockets lift the first Israeli mission to the moon into the heavens. And while for…

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Time is a woman!

In the German language, some of the most profound and significant concepts and terms are female: intelligence (die Intelligenz), wisdom (die Weisheit), power (die Macht), depth (die Tiefe), quality (die…

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At the Christmas Market with the Maurice de Mauriac Family

With the opera house bathed in red lights serving as the backdrop, the Sechseläutenplatz near the Bellevue is a wonderful place for a Christmas market. One can wander along the…

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It’s time for Antarctica!

Daisy Hessenberger walks through clear, piercing air—her breath hangs like fog around her face. A glance at her watch helps her to orient herself in a world seemingly without orientation….

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Game, Set, Mat(t)ch

Our ambassadors not only stand for us and our brand, they are also very closely connected to us. That’s the reason why we give these special individuals our brand’s forename—Maurice….

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A Watch for Going Deep

In the city, out in the country and at sea

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The Watch of the Shaolin Fighter

While most people wind the rotor in our automatic calibres with everyday movements, we know someone who does it with a tiger—sometimes a leopard. Martin Sewer is Shaolin Kung Fu…

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Maurice de Mauriac: Around the world

Tom Uzun loves to travel, loves movies and loves our watches. The fascinating result: An L2 – his L2 – accompanied Tom on a trip to Malaysia and was able…

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Growing up together!

One with electronic music, and the other with mechanical music.   Vincent Dubinsky and Leonard Dreifuss have grown up together. Both with music. Both measure the speed of their very…

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Second Life

There is the time we measure and there is the time we have. Time – a commodity that is often only appreciated when it is too late. Nobody knows this…

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Baselworld 18

Our Watches are Going on the Road Maurice de Mauriac is Moving from Zurich to Baselworld (Again) Our watches will be spending 23 – 26 March at Baselworld. They’re waiting…


MAKING HISTORY. The first team from Switzerland to row across the Atlantic Ocean! World Record ✔️ 3rd place in the 2017 Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge goes to these OARSOME men team Swiss Mocean!…

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Portrait: Maurice de Mauriac ist ein ”we”-Business!

Als Sponsoren des forward Festivals in Zürich, dem Festival für Kreativität, Design und Kommunikation, hat man uns als Familie hinter der Marke Maurice de Mauriac portraitiert. Wir fühlen uns geehrt,…

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Time to Lay Down a Few Beats about Pioneers

RUN D.M.C and Maurice de Mauriac pushing the boundaries   RUN D.M.C. was the first hip-hop group to go gold. That was back in 1984 and the record was called…

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Why Women Wear Large Watches

It’s a Question of Proportions Many have already tried to explain the trend of women wearing larger watches. Some of these arguments are historical, anatomical, horological, philosophical and, of course,…

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Rock Battaglia

Street-fighter, Life-warrior, Lover of Life Sporting a full beard, mirrored glasses, his punk style, punk attitude, tattoos and his walkie-talkie on his chest, Rock Battaglia makes a serious impression and…

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À Maurice

Maurice the watch-whisperer invites: There aren’t many people who know the souls of things, …and even fewer can make these souls perceptible and tangible to others. Maurice can. If you also…

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Zürich meets London

Oneness meets otherness: This is where traditions meet and bets placed as to which is older and more taditional. Two cities striving to find out which one can be the most…

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Our Watches are Zurich.

Zurich is home to our family, friends, business partners, our atelier and a number of Maurice de Mauriac customers: While there are many Swiss watch manufactures, there is only one in Zurich:…

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Diamonds watches

We receive pictures from around the world. This foto was sent by a proud owner of one of our diamonds watches. Thank you for the great picture.

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Key west

Maurice de Mauriac around the world: Key west


Maurice de Mauriac around the world: Zurich


Maurice de Mauriac around the world: France

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Maurice de Mauriac around the world: Seattle


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