Watch culture of the 80s What do you get when internationally renowned friends of the tennis culture of the 70s and 80s, an American designer who loves vintage watches and…

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Ms. Deep Moore

After the launch of our L2 Deep model, it was only a question of time we found a suitable Ambassador. Zoe Moore, who we lovingly call Ms. Deep Moore chose…

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Time is a woman!

In the German language, some of the most profound and significant concepts and terms are female: intelligence (die Intelligenz), wisdom (die Weisheit), power (die Macht), depth (die Tiefe), quality (die…

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A‘hole in one’ friendship

A woman was standing in front of the atelier, fidgeting with her luggage and capturing our attention. The next thing we knew, she was standing in our atelier. Did we…

If already cinema, then right!

No film festival is older than the one in Venice, which has been held annually since 1932 and parallel to the biennial. Amidst the Italian gestures and Venetian flair, the…


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