Stephan & Maurice

Stephan & Maurice (Episode 6)

Family never ends! Stephan Lichtsteiner is a star and is more than familiar with fans. He used to be a fan of Maurice de Mauriac himself – but he wanted…

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Stephan & Maurice (Episode 5)

Mechanics among themselvesIt’s not uncommon for us to bring watches to our customers’ homes. In this case, the road led us to Motorworld in “The Valley”. The question wasn’t who…

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Stephan & Maurice (Episode 4)

The M-Team is the A-Team of the watch industry Our watches are made by Zurich. And Stephan Lichtsteiner is now helping Zurich make our watches. Even as a footballer, he…

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Stephan & Maurice (Episode 3)

You can’t choose your family. Yes you can! Stephan Lichtsteiner, the most famous member of the Swiss football family, has chosen a new family. A watch family. Us, the Dreifuss…

Stephan & Maurice (Episode 2)

I’m a star, don’t get me out of here… If you come to our Atelier these weeks, you will not only meet the Dreifuss family. No, you might also meet…

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Stephan & Maurice (Episode 1)

Stephan Lichtsteiner is already tall, Now he wants to become small Stephan Lichtsteiner has achieved everything in football. Not only has he become big, but for many, he is also…

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From footballer to watchmaker

When Stephan Lichtsteiner started his football career at FC Adligenswil in 1991 at the age of seven, he had to start small, like every football-loving boy. He got to know…

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