When Andrea Petković serves in pink….

Pink October

Maurice de Mauriac goes pink – in October. Why? In 1985, the American Cancer Society launched Pink October. The idea was to generate awareness about breast cancer. The most common type of cancer in women. In Switzerland, Pink October has become very popular thanks to the commitment of the Cancer Society. This year, we decided to support Pink October as well. Because besides publicity, which we of course give to this action, the acting organizations need money to be able to finance their so important work.

L3 Cherry Blossom as further development

Our L3 sees red, we have further developed to the L3 Cherry Blossom. We exchange the red watch glass, which is so typical for this watch, for one in the color pink. The dial shines in pink and so does the watchband. In October, we will donate 50% of the sales price of this watch directly to the Cancer Society for projects related to breast cancer. After that, we will invest 20% each in the good cause.

You can buy the watch simply because you personally find it beautiful, because you want to give courage to someone whom the topic just affects personally. Others have defied cancer and want to celebrate the victory. There are umpteen reasons to buy the L3 Cherry Blossom for yourself or others. In any case, one owns an absolutely unique watch, is committed to an important cause, and then enjoys it for many years.

Collaboration with Andrea Petković

The writer and ex-tennis player Andrea Petcović, an admirable woman and a great person wears this watch to make our Pink October commitment against breast cancer maximally successful. She is a border crosser, has had to cross borders, again and again, to be successful, had to develop strength where it was not always self-evident. She gives this strength to the watch. And Andrea Petcović is enclosing her latest signed book “Zwischen Ruhm und Ehre liegt die Nacht” (Kiwi Verlag) with every L3 Cherry Blossom.

Together with you, we look forward to making Pink October a great success for the Swiss Cancer Society and anyone and everyone who unfortunately has to deal with the topic of breast cancer.

If you also want to help with the breast tone of conviction, we have pink ribbons ready to be pinned – and the L3 Cherry Blossom.

Ab 2,028.00$
L3 Bronze
Ab 5,720.00$
Ab 3,536.00$

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