When the going get’s tough, the tough push on through

One-piece or “pass-through” watch straps—as are they are sometimes
referred to—have been around for quite some time. In 1965 they were thrust into the spotlight in the James Bond film “Goldfinger”; and once the film came out, the Bond strap was the one to have. The designation “NATO strap” became a household name when the pass-through strap was adopted by the British Ministry of Defence.

We fell for the charm and functionality of the NATO straps—a term that simply caught on within the watch industry—many years ago, and we have created numerous designs of our own that are produced exclusively for us. And for this reason, nowadays it is not uncommon to see watches not bearing our name, but nevertheless do wear NATO straps bearing our logo on the metal clasp.

What makes NATO straps so sexy?
If you find yourself out in rough conditions while wearing your expensive timepiece, a NATO strap is simply the most secure option. The one-piece strap, which threads under the watch and passes through both mounting points, would have to tear all the way through before the watch would fall off. In contrast, regular watch straps can fail when only one mount fails—often without warning or even making a sound—and leaving your watch lost in the woods or in the water. Our NATO straps are available for all watches, in all sizes and for all of life’s situations in both classic nylon and leather.
Even if life doesn’t throw you any tough curve balls, NATO-straps still impress. With little effort, NATO-straps can drastically change the character of a timepiece. A quick switch of the strap and you a new watch on your arm. Make your watch fit any situation, any outfit, and any of your moods.

Be ready for anything—it’s time for a “pass-through”!
Whether fighting for survival or making the best impression possible, one can never be too well-equipped.

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