Your watch for every second

Of the importance of time when there seems to be none left

Today we would like to tell the story of Thomas Lüthi, photographer, pilot, firefighter and our customer. It touched us deeply and showed us how intense our time is, because we are lucky to be able to accompany our customers so closely.

There was a moment in Thomas Lüthi’s life when a very rare disease wanted to take away all his time. At the age of 23, he suddenly had no more time. Exactly from this moment on everything in his life revolved around time. Seconds have to become hours to have enough time, to think and do what has to be thought and done. It is important to become aware of time as much as possible. This can be done by giving the gaze on the clock an immeasurably high significance. The question is not what time it is, but how much time remains. His Maurice de Mauriac, a modern chronometer with a 051015 dial, is perfect for this. At some point he had to undergo an operation. Thomas Lüthi’s time stood still for 11 hours. It was his Chrono Modern, filled with his desires and dreams, that continued to run in these hours. Times of tiredness and slowness followed – his watch continued to run with his desires. At some point the day came when he looked very clearly and consciously at his watch again and perceived the day and the hour intensively. From that moment on, every second was so valuable that he would have needed his own watch for every second.

His Maurice de Mauriac took over the responsibility for Thomas Lüthi’s valuable time on his own. That makes us extremely proud. And we are glad that there is time to measure which seemed to be completely lost for a short time. His watch not only bears the responsibility for his time, but also follows the new pace of his life, as a photographer of the skies, as a pilot of the skies and now finally as a firefighter he always wanted to be.

We see it as a special luxury to give people time and to be able to measure and appreciate it for them with our watches. Thank you Thomas Lüthi for being our customer and for letting us participate.


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